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    Are you a professional in the cultural and creative sector (CCS) willing to strengthen your key digital and transversal skills? Would you like to create, manage and promote your products successfully while participating in changing markets?

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    Introduction to the MOOC-ART

    Via this open online course, you will be able to enhance your digital as well as transversal skills as a CCS professional and adapt yourself to digitalisation, and transforming markets, while enhancing your business opportunities and competitiveness in the sector.

    Digital skills in the workplace can include original content creation, e-commerce, network and information security, digital marketing, social media marketing, and data analytics.

    Transversal skills - such as communication skills, team-working skills, customer handling skills, problem solving skills, learning skills and planning and organisation skills.

    This course is a combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge.

    The aim is for you to acquire hands-on skills and more precisely boost your digital marketing, communication and technical skills related to content production and video editing.

    Through the quizzes, practical exercises and the self-assessment tools included in this course you will have the chance to check your own learning achievements and skills improvement.

    To study the whole MOOC it will take approx. 40 hours.

    We hope you will enjoy the course and we look forward to guiding you.

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